Well here we are. The year is 2020. The season is spring. That is about the only fully accurate statement we can make at this point. LOL! Things are changing by the hour in the United States due to the pandemic known as COVID-19 or Corona virus. I’m reminded of Bobby Shmurda lyrics, “It was all good about a week ago…. A week ago.” Life definitely seems like a movie and we are all along for the ride. Our number one concern is your safety. Please take precautions and follow the guidelines provided by the CDC. It’s really not about us, it’s about protecting the immune-compromised.  


So then there’s the fact that we’re INSIDE…. What can we do with all of this time on our hands? Well some of us are working from home, or being a homeschool teacher – by all means teach the babies, SECURE THE BAG and PROTECT THE CHECK! Keep a productive routine, give yourself a no pressure to-do list daily to try and stick to. Make this the time to shine and impress your boss so when this is all over, working from home might continue to be an option if you want it.


You know it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t share some fun and fabulous quarantivities. A few great ideas that we wanted to share:


  1. Purge and clean out your closet – you might just find some pieces you forgot about or find some favorites that you’ll want to reincorporate into your wardrobe.
  2. Declutter your space – time to make your home more serene and peaceful and get organized
  3. Facetime/Zoom party with friends and family – we can all be together, even if it’s on a screen
  4. Luxurious baths, exfoliate, face masks, exercise -ALL OF IT! DO all those things that you never have time to do
  5. Check out your finances – see how many payments you have left on the car, track your spending, check your interest rates and credit
  6. Continuing Education – use this time to educate yourself, do some research, make a list of things you’ve always wanted to learn more about. Come out of this a stronger, smarter YOU


We’ll keep giving more ideas of how to pass this time, but never forget – it’s truly ok to lay on the sofa and binge watch shows and movies. Just keep it balanced.


Although our stores are closed for the health and safety of our customers and staff, The Bink & Bougie Team is still working to keep new and exciting looks available online for you. At some point this will all be over and we want everyone ready when OUTSIDE is back open. LOL! Please find and like us on our newly updated  Facebook page – (Bink and Bougie) for live updates and tips as well as on Instagram @shopbinkandbougie. We truly appreciate you all and please stay safe. We’ll get through this.

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